Batik Cerbon
27 September 2009

Fendy Parulian – Batik Gorga

In fact that globalization does not extinct, but opposite of the fact that it can make the need of local identity grow well. Because of that need it also stimulates new batik entrepreneurs appear in numbers even when Indonesia was in the bad economic crisis. Fendy Parulian is one of newcomers who started his business four years ago, although he confessed that he has been interested in batik since 15 years ago. His batik design uses batik rules like lereng and kawung motives especially for men’s shirts, but he makes various compositions and ornaments in a new way. Such as long fabric with flower motives, he makes it dangle from up to bottom not from bottom up like pesisiran batik now. He intentionally makes tumpal connected with the motive diagonally arranged like lereng. “ I wanna try a new thing, why not ?” he said after showing his Gorga Batik Collection in his strore in south Jakarta, last Monday. Fendy said that his fabric was wovenin Laos with silk thread from China because he no more wanted to give thread to local weavers since they changed it with polyester. To overcome the less demand than it was last year, Fendy plans to produce fabric with the ornaments which are not as  complicated as his batik fabric which can reach Rp. 8 million per piece including stole.