An Enchanting Business Batik Trend
09 Agustus 2009

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It is certainly still fresh in our mind, that in the beginning of last 2008, purple color was the color trend in 2008. The society had evaluated that purple was identical as a ‘hobnob’ color. In the middle of 2008, batik began booming. Batik began to ‘move’, from a formal apparel into daily fits, even government and private offices started to have their staffs using batik clothes on Fridays, hence, it is not surprising that on that day we will see many people using batik in many style. Batik, as a heritage culture of Indonesia which is also as a treasure charisma fashion at national range, is wished to be able to reach international market. Batik is also a way to attract tourists from other countries in government program “Visit Indonesia Year 2008”.

We are all already well-known with batik crafts which come from batik areas like: Pekalongan, Yogjakarta, Solo and Cirebon. Even nowadays we can found the motif design from Sumatera. Many businessmen began to have a look this batik trend which is getting attractive. Some malls in Jakarta like Plaza Semangi, in the beginning of August had organized a batik bourse in its basemen. The prices offered was variety at range of Rp 100,000.00 – 400,000.00/pc. Beside that, batik stores like Batik Semar, Keris, Danarhadi, or Terang Bulan always get many customers everyday.

It is not only big malls which sell batik, but also Tanah Abang, which is the center grocer of lower price textile in Jakarta, get increasing batik requests. In general, there are some merchants in Tanah Abang who can produce batik garments by themselves and others distribute garments from Yogya, Solo or Pekalongan. From my investigation Yogyakarta is one of the biggest suppliers. A well-known market in Jogjakarta is Beringharjo Market that is in Malioboro Street.

Batik in Beringharjo Market is offered at price range of Rp 30.000 - 100.000 /pc. For example ‘sarimbit’ that is tops which are made for a couple; man and woman, some people call this as ‘Papi Mami’ batik, and they are offered at price range of Rp 100.000, a fantastic enough price if it is compared with prices offered in many plaza in Jakarta. If we buy in minimum quantity of 12 pieces (1 dozen), the price will be given lower than price/pc. In addition, the models of nowadays batik are very varying, formal like : blouse and shirt, semi formal like clothes with side-string or tassel on the waist, also there is dress styles as a sleeping clothe. Batik is no longer monotonous like it was and it could be possible that this made batik having more and more admirers.

According to one of the merchants in a Los of Beringharjo Market, named Ms. Tuti, batik requests have begun to increase in March 2008, most customers came from areas of Jakarta, Surabaya, Padang and Kalimantan. At first, those buyers only bought some pieces just for a memento or gift from Jogja, however the interest of their friends and also the request of other customers are getting bigger, it made those customers bought more batik and began to have more interest in batik as a potential business media.

Profits taken are from Rp 4.000-15.000/pc. This nominal seemed small, but if we can sell 100 pcs within one day, we could reach profit of Rp 800.000 (if counted with averaged profit of Rp 8.000). Some batik merchants also shot the market of elite housing in Jakarta with direct selling, the purpose is to get bigger profit of double to triple from the capital. Very interesting, isn’t?? Do you interest in this business?? >OseK<