Tips in Taking Care the Color of Batik Apparel
09 Agustus 2009

This is to remember the nature colors of hand-written batik which is using no chemical stuff in dyeing at all.

The fabric of hand-written batik in which coloring process uses boiled liquid, that is the boiled result from many kinds of plants, especially from outer part (skin) of the tree, roots, and leaves, this needs specific handling. Here, to have green color on batik motives, for instance, can be taken from boiled mango leaves, and pink color can be taken from boiled roots of Mengkudu.

Below are some tips to take care the fabric of hand-written batik (like batik apparels and Kebaya) which used nature coloring:
* Wash batik fabric or apparels and Kebaya by using hair-shampoo. First, pour the hair-shampoo into water until it is completely mixed and then you can wash the fabric.
* You can also use a specific detergent for batik fabric which is easily found in many stores.
* Fabric of hand-written batik (for instance Traditional or Modern Batik) must not be washed using washing-machine. Such way will cause the nature color of it cannot be maintain for longer period.
* You should not dry fabric of hand-written batik under direct sun light.
* if you wish to have the hand-written batik with softener and perfume (for example Batik Boutique and Fashion) please do not directly spray it on to the fabric. Cover it first using newspaper, after that you can spray the softener and perfume.
* still using newspaper to cover the fabric (like Batik boutique and Fashion), you can iron it and never do direct ironing because such way will effect the color of the motives.
* it is better for you not directly spray perfume on to the fabric or apparel which used batik material (like Traditional and Modern batik) silk with nature coloring.

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