Gorgeous with Batik Motives
09 Agustus 2009

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No need to doubt to have performance with batik. Many styles of blouse, pants or even skirt from batik can increase your elegance in every occasion. The styles of batik with many models will continually develop, both modish and modern.

Batik Motives (batik mode, both online or others) many motives were effected by other countries’ motives. And the models of batik apparel have many variation, for instance traditional and modern batik from India, China, and Dutch. Batik, which had red base color, was mostly influenced by Chinese culture.

Gorgeous Batik can be used for pants as well. This Palazzo batik is very comfortable fitted on the body at leisure and best matched with loose shirt of peach color. By wearing batik shorts in blue baloon style you can show off your beautiful legs.

Relax feeling, from batik model of small flower motives on this loose ¾ sleeves blouse which is fitted with jeans, is very catching the eye. Its green look color is very soft for your fair skin. Many stores and stands (as well as batik online store) now also compete to chase batik with the best quality.

Dot and chocolate-creamy flower motif is a sweet and natural one. Because of its small motives, this red batik blouse style without sleeves can be nice matched with the skirt in full ornament.

Therefore, now batik is not only for formal apparels, but also give you modish and stylish performance in non-formal occasions. Have a great time of choosing your perfect match batik motives and keep loving all Indonesia products.